Bite Analysis

What is a Bite Analysis?

If Dr. Tipple is concerned about the progressive wear on your teeth or the pain and discomfort the patient is experiencing caused by their TMJ he will recommend doing a Bite Analysis. Your teeth are a part of a system. The system consists of your jaw joints, jaw bones, chewing muscles, and teeth. These must work in harmony or you’ll experience tooth wear, tooth mobility, tooth migration, headaches, sore muscles of the jaw, head and neck or a combination of all or some of them.

Bite Analysis is an exam that is designed to uncover the weak link in your chewing system. The process takes approximately 2 hours.

Dr. Tipple will examine your joints, muscles, and teeth. During this exam he will also take measurements, photos, and a 3-dimensional scan of your teeth. After collecting all of this data he will put the 3D models of your teeth into a program to simulate how your teeth rub and grind when chewing. Then he will analyze the models, and comes up with a plan to stabilize your problem.

There are four ways we typically address these problems:

  1. Straightening the teeth (Invisalign or traditional braces)
  2. Restorations (Crowns, Veneers, Fillings etc.)
  3. Occlusal adjustment (balancing the bite with minor adjustments using a dental handpiece)
  4. Surgically moving the teeth and or jaw (not commonly necessary)